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Studio Alf is the home of a comprehensive project studio and the archive for many projects of note:

The Bruthers are garage rock icons. Alf and his Bruthers are the authentic spawn of the 60s resounding into this new century and beyond!

Billy Rancher and The Unreal Gods dominated the dance halls of Portland in the early 80s with their New Wave Ska blend.

Alf Rider’s DaDa was an admittedly art oriented band with electronic impulses starting in 1985 or so.

Alf Rider Wolf’s solo electronic album was the first of it’s kind in Portland, Oregon. It was called “Out of The Chamber, Into The Sun”.

Alf Rider Wolf’s newest album is called “Quasimodo Loves Esmeralda” and will be released before the end of July 2019.


Studio Alf


We have a large, comfortable Drum room, a vocal booth, a new Yamaha grand, Motif classic, microKorg and more. In the large room and our comfortable Mix Room/Control Room, you can do your high quality recording for $30 per hour, 8 hour minimum. Studio Alf has Pro Tools 2018 completely up to date and Sibelius 7. We now have Izotope RX7 which can repair pretty much any recorded material, Neutron for state of the art mixing, Nectar for the best laser effects combinations and Ozone for mastering. We also have hundreds of other high quality plugins including Melodyne 4 and Abbey Road Mastering. In addition, with DropBox, Studio Alf can receive large files in any format, import to Pro Tools, add new recordings of local talent and return all files to sender. Studio Alf has recorded 16 tracks of wave files simultaneously at 24/96 & 32/96 with many plugins and can play back 64 tracks of recorded wave files. The MIDI engine is capable of tracking hundreds of channels of instrument sounds, simultaneous with the audio tracks. Firewire and Thunderbolt connectivity coupled with Alf's self built high powered Intel based computers deliver an efficient and cost effective solution to your recording requirements. High end Neumann & AKG microphones and Focusrite preamps combined with the Intel i9 CPU, 64GB of RAM and 8 hard drives totaling 15 Terrabytes supply high quality 24/96 & 32/96 recordings with safe backups. Operating System and Recording Drives are both the latest card style SSDs. Please email Alf at or call 503-501-1469

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